What is Journalling?

JournalLing is a written record of our thoughts & feelings. There are really not any rules although most journaling is a daily exercise. Journaling is a way to track everyday life.
Figuring out what makes us tick and happy or upset. Creating a meaningful connection with ourselves is as important as creating meaningful connections with family or friends. Regular journalling strengthens immune cells. And if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health & memory.

What can journalling help you with?
• Managing anxiety
• Reducing stress
• Coping with depression
• Journalling helps you to prioritise your problems & fears
• Tracking your problems daily helps to see what are the triggers
and how to be aware and solve them more effectively
• Journalling helps to identify negative thoughts and behaviours
• Clarify your thoughts and feelings & get to know yourself better.
• Journalling allows us to see our problems with more clarity & a new perspective on things that are happening daily in our life.

Why journalling in pregnancy will support you

Pregnancy can be an exhausting emotional roller coaster ride for many expectant mothers. From the moment the pregnancy test comes back positive to the time the baby makes their arrival, you’re sure to go through some ups and downs. And, over the course of several physical changes, you may discover a surprising new craving for milkshakes or find yourself crying over the smallest mistake. When looking at pregnancy specifically for journalling, here are some of the reasons why
you should start writing as soon as your baby bump begins to show.

• Reduce Stress

Finding an outlet for your thoughts during pregnancy, can help you find solutions to your pregnancy fears and manage the anxiety that comes from negative thoughts. It’s an effective means to access your emotions and rid yourself of stress, which may affect the wellbeing of your baby. You can even go as far as writing down your fears and throw the paper away.

• Organise Yourself

We know how disoriented a pregnancy can make expecting parents feel. It’s no easy task getting everything ready for the little patter of feet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as managing your regular schedule. Apart from organising your thoughts, journalling can also help to coordinate your to do’s, manage your time efficiently and ultimately make
you a more productive parent-to-be.

• Set Your Goals

If you already have a new baby checklist, how will you go about making sure all your tasks get done? Putting this information down on paper is a simple way to organise effectively
and hold yourself responsible for your goals. It gives you the chance to accomplish them noticeably and makes achieving them seem more realistic.

• Track Your Progress

Journalling your pregnancy can be a confidence booster while tracking your pregnancy progress. Your journal will be an inventory of your achievements and successes during your pregnancy. So, if you’re planning to fall pregnant again, you can reflect on your previous experiences and say “I’ve made it through once, I can do it again.”

• Celebrate Your Happy Moments

How did you feel when you first found out that your little bundles was a boy or a girl? What was your first reaction when you saw the ultrasound image of your baby? Describe
these positive emotions in your journal. At the end of each day, scribble down all the things that went smoothly and that you’re proud of. Perhaps you’ve finally finished decorating the nursery room, or you’ve decided on a name for the baby. Treasure these golden moments for the days you’re feeling down. If you need more support with journalling please make sure you’ve found the official Beautiful New Beginnings Antenatal group over on Facebook for more journalling support when pregnant.


Clare – BNB counselling support

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