When is it best to massage my baby?

Massage is always something that’s done with your baby and never to them. So based on this, massage is best when your baby wants to be massaged. However there are some key times to avoid and some times that seem more suitable for massage.

Lets explore these

Massage should ideally be completed 40 minutes after a feed, when your baby is alert and awake, this is when they will have the best time during a massage session. When we massage the tummy, we need to make sure food is given enough time to settle post feed, so 40 minutes following a feed is optimum. Massage of the tummy is always completed in a clockwise direction and always 40 minutes following a feed to ensure we don’t unsettle a babies tummy and cause them to be sick.

Massage following or before a bath is a great way to calm and settle baby indicating that the day is nearly over. Massage can be a great way to relax baby before bedtime and promote a deeper sense of sleep. When we massage, we move the blood all around babies body for them, improving circulation. It’s the equivalent of a full body workout. When we exercise, we sleep better and more soundly. Massage can be great for this.

Massage can be completed at any time of the day in small chunks, or in longer sessions. Whatever suits your baby is great.

When should I not massage my baby?

It is advisable to wait 48 hours post immunisation before massaging your baby.  This is because if they develop a fever, their circulation is already increased, therefore, they need to rest. Soothing stroking movements may be restful but do not perform a full massage routine.

It is further advisable not to massage the site of any injection for around a week or so to avoid any discomfort for your baby.

If your baby is overtired massage will not be great for them

If your baby is unwell

If your baby is sleeping

If your baby does not seem to want to take part in massage, is upset or crying. You know your baby best. Settle them and try again another time.


Baby massage has many great benefits and one of the greatest is that it allows parent and child attachment. It allows parents to read their babies cues and gain a deeper understanding of them and their needs. Massage and the power of positive touch is incredible. We hope to see you in one of our online sessions soon!


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