What to pack in your hospital bag


Well, isn’t this just probably the most asked question of pregnancy? What should I pack in my hospital bag!


The answer is, the things that you think you’ll need and the things that will make you feel comfortable. But in list form, here’s some of the most useful bits you can have in.


  • Birth Plan and hospital notes – keep these near the top of your bag!
  • Wash bag – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, flannel, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, bobbles, sanitary towels/maternity pads, breast pads, deodorant, lipbalm, hand sanitiser and moisturiser, face wipes (these can just be really good for a quick freshen up)
  • Nightdress/old t-shirt for labour and one for afterwards, slippers (backless ones) light dressing gown, thick bed socks (feet can get chilly during labour!)
  • Big knickers that come right over your tummy – take in around 5 pairs just in case – you say you’ll get rid of these and still wear them 5 years on…
  • Carrier bags (great for putting dirty washing into)
  • Going home outfit (something loose and really comfy with flat sensible shoes)
  • Phone and phone charger
  • Water and snacks – Did you know during labour you’ll burn as many calories as you would running a marathon!!


For when you get home, its handy to have some painkillers in, just paracetamol and ibuprofen. Many people use and swear by ‘spritz for bits,’ which can help any discomfort and swelling post birth.


Heres the link just in case!



You may also want to take in some aromatherapy candles and any hypnobirthing scripts you have been listening to or special calming music. If this isn’t on your phone, then make sure that’s on the list too! Sometimes women like a special comforting blanket, if this helps set your scene during labour and birth, then pop that in the bag too.


Remember, your birthing partner can always leave your going home outfit/bag in the car and bring it at a later time so if your bag looks like you’re off on a two week all inclusive break, then its fine to pop it into two separate bags. Just make sure your partner knows which is which and you’ve packed them yourself otherwise you’ll end up like me – waddling out of the hospital in pyjamas crying as he’d bought my ‘I’ll slim into these jeans,’ rather than my maternity ones…



Happy packing and we will see you over in our antenatal group and pregnancy support for more information and support – free to join and a great place to make new mum to be friends too.

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