What to pack if you’re a birthing partner!

So at the moment this is a bit of a tricky one to answer, as the Covid 19 pandemic grips our nation, its difficult for birthing partners and each locality and region have their own rules and restrictions on birthing partners.

It would be worthwhile checking with your local maternity unit or midwife what the current restrictions (if any) are in place regarding hospital birthing partners. Some are saying no birthing partners for inductions or until active labour (4cm) with restrictions in place post birth too with birthing partners having to leave 40mins post birth.

If this is something that is causing you worry, stress or concern, please do reach out for support via out antenatal group online which is run by a range of experts. Within that page we also have information from those who have birthed during this pandemic, and birthing partners too – so please feel free to join for real life stories and inspiration.

If you are lucky enough to have a birthing partner in hospital with you, here’s a little run down of the things they’ll need in their hospital bag to keep them going:

  • Money for the shop and also change for car parking or to get home if you’re travelling by taxi.
  • Snacks and water – you’ll need to keep your energy levels up to.
  • Washbag, toothpaste, toothbrush, flannel, soap, deodorant a great way to freshen up quickly, painkillers (amazing how many partners get a headache!) any regular medication.
  • Camera, phone and charger
  • List of names pre-decided with your partner of people to call and tell personally and those you can text.
  • Contraction timer app or watch with a second hand to time contractions
  • Games, reading material, for you and your partner
  • Change of clothes in the car just in case you end up staying longer than you imagined and need to freshen up.


The list is not exhaustive – just a basics. Remember, birthing partners can leave their bag in the car if needed, it’s just always useful to have some things to hand should you need them.

Take care and feel free to add any comments about what you packed in your hospital bag too!


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