What to pack in your hospital bag for babies


What do you pack for someone that you’ve never met before – that little one who’s about to become the love of your life?


Its difficult isn’t it! What size will they be, how many of each item will you need?


Here’s a little list to get you started!


  • Nappies, cotton wool (wipes aren’t advised for newborns) ready made baby formula if planning to bottle feed, dummies (if you’re wanting to use these) nappy bags
  • 4 baby gros with fold over hands, 4 baby vests,2 baby blankets (they use these for hospital photos too) muslin cloths, bibs,
  • Outfit for coming home in plus a baby coat, extra blanket, hat.
  • Car seat – this can be bought into the hospital before you leave it doesn’t have to be with you on the ward. Pack it in the car and leave it there until you’re ready.
  • Plastic bag/wet bag. This will help separate dirty clothes from clean.



What you wont need – scratch mits – I personally found these the most useless things on the planet but something that you think you need loads of! Scratch mits simply don’t stay on! As soon as your baby moves their little hands of they’ll fly… The baby-gros with the fold over tabs on the arms are so much better. And actually work.


Remember – there will also be the opportunity for your partner to bring in more clothing should your stay in hospital be longer than you thought it would be for any reason.


There’s plenty of advice and support over in our facebook group which is completely free to join.



Take care


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