Supporting Children through Covid 19

Your children or young person may or may not be reacting and responding to this pandemic. You might feel they’re not showing signs until you read the information on this blog and
then the signs may begin to present themselves, we don’t want you to panic becausewe’ve developed a new support system that is online to support parents and carers to spot the signs. This includes any amount of stress that they might be feeling due to the pandemic or due to the home isolation advice that were created due to the pandemic.

Signs of stress that your child or young person may be experiencing may include;
• More emotional
• Upset easily
• Anxious
• Angry
• Behaving differently
• Become clingy
• Signs of being withdrawn
• Wetting the bed
• Sleep disturbance

Children and young people can feel less stressed when they’re able to openly communicate and express themselves. This is not always easy and can become really frustrating when emotions in the household are high. When children are unable to communicate their thoughts or feelings or indeed, do not know that the reason they are feeling a certain way is due to worry or anxiety this can cause stress in the household.  During this time staying calm and as mindful as possible is so important because children often take their emotional cues from the adults in their lives. Sometimes it is easier to ‘openly wonder,’ with your child. ‘I wonder if you’re feeling cross today because you’re worrying about something?’ This can often take the heat out of a conversation and help children feel less in the spotlight. It also means they have the time to think about their feelings and come to their own conclusions. Being open to more conversations, more cuddles, more walks and engaging in some family time will really support anxiety and stress at this time.

You can now access 1-1 support if you’re feeling overwhelmed about supporting your child or young person through Beautiful New Beginnings.
Use the contact us page to get in touch today.

You’re not alone.

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