Starting school is a huge transition point for our children and the beginning of a brand new chapter.

At this time, transition is tricky, because of Covid 19 and the recent pandemic, many changes have happened that impact our children’s transition and the support they receive in this. Each school is doing things slightly differently and each school has its own systems and processes in place.

There are however some key points that parents can support with transition and the journey from nursery to reception.

Here’s some top tips

  1. Speak positively about school and the changes that are coming. Find out your child’s teachers name and drop them into conversation regularly and positively – eg Miss Sweeney will be so proud of how you dress yourself you are ready for PE lessons. Miss Sweeney will love how you always try your best. Miss Sweeney will love how kind and friendly you are to others. Talking about teachers positively in a non work sense will help to build a virtual relationship and link.
  2. Drive past the school and look at the building and playground talk about what will happen when they start, talk about the fun they will have on the playground.
  3. Talk about how to make friends, look at what makes a good friend and do plenty of role play. ‘Hi I’m John, I like to play dinosaurs what do you like to play?’ Hi I like going to the park, my favourite is the swing, what do you like?’ My names …. What’s your name? Looking at role playing for friendship is key as children haven’t been practicing these skills during lockdown. Role playing facial expressions and how they attract friends eg smiling, being kind, sharing etc, can be key to supporting children starting school.
  4. School uniform is something that is a tricky issue at the moment, some schools are talking about going back in own clothes but others will be going back in full uniform. Making sure you have school uniform in will be key to supporting your child’s transition. Choose it together and make sure children can put clothing on independently and take it off too. Practice makes perfect – and builds confidence too!
  5. Practice dressing and undressing. Children will be expected to dress and undress independently for PE lessons, taking off and putting on clothes and doing fastenings on coats too. This can all be practiced to help build confidence
  6. See whether your school has a virtual tour that you can take with your child. It’ll be helpful to see the school and keep playing this every couple of weeks to familiarise your child with the setting.

If you need further support with your child starting school we have a free starting school group you can join led by Early Years Teachers and Staff. It’s answering some of thw common issues around starting school and looking at the EYFS curriculum too.

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Cal and the BNB Team