Baby Massage Rainhill


Come and learn the beautiful art of baby massage in Rainhill Village Hall. This course will run for 5 weeks and will enable you to perform a full body massage with your little one, building your skills each week. The course will begin on Monday 1st November at 12pm and will finish at 1pm. Massage benefits both parent/caregiver and baby in numerous ways and the skills learnt on this course will last a lifetime.

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Baby Massage supports brain development, co-ordination, flexibility and bodily awareness. Through the power of gentle, nurturing touch, your baby will learn about their bodies, their abilities and the world around them. Massage promotes secure attachment which in turn promotes the development of a healthy brain. It is a fact that babies who form atleast one strong attachment with atleast one caregiver are more likely to meet their developmental milestones. Baby massage also supports parental mental health and wellbeing. Making connections with other parents is key to feeling supported and heard. Our relaxed classes provide plenty of opportunities for parents to connect and chat about their experiences which in turn supports our babies development. We can't wait to meet you in class soon.