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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing is more important now than ever. 

2020 saw a huge dip in mental health and wellbeing, increased isolation and loneliness, increased anxiety and a huge rise in depression diagnosis. 

Our counsellor led calls give you the chance to offload. These are offered on a self referral basis and are open to all – free of charge. 

We provide positive steps for positive change and mindfulness through our therapist led wellbeing group Doing My Best.

The group is open to all and offers mindset tools and techniques to combat anxiety, fear, depression and Post Natal Depression  

Online Wellbeing sessions delivered by Therapist and Counsellor

Clare Bowers  

At Beautiful New Beginnings we believe in supporting and empowering parents, to do this well, we believe offering emotional support is key. Our classes are run by a therapist and counsellor online in a safe and welcoming space. Theres weekly support covering mindset, making positive steps for positive change, journalling, self limiting beliefs and more. The classes focus on small daily habits which make a big impact on daily life. 

The group is open to all. Counsellor led wellbeing calls are available. We are here to support you with whatever is going on in your world. Because everyone deserves happiness and we believe that Radical Kindness Promotes Generational change. 

Simply Click to join Doing My Best Group. 


Carolyn Whitehead introduces Beautiful New Beginnings to Paul Salt of BBC Radio Merseyside Breakfast. Talking about the various programmes and courses Beautiful New Begginings focus on including its focus on parents and childrens mental health and wellbeing.

To listen to this recording you will need to log into BBC sounds with a BBC or iplayer account. Carolyn’s interview is 1 hr 25 minutes in until 1h 35. The BBC retain all rights to this recording.

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Beautiful New Beginnings is Liverpool’s Independent Antenatal Course provider. We aim to empower parents with the most up to date information, connect families and build community. We want parents to feel confident, prepared and excited as they enter this brand new adventure.

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