Little You Big You Learning Too

Fun, soft play classes that engage children aged 0-5 in educational play based learning. Classes promote gross and fine motor development through soft play, yoga, activities and free play. Our classes are fully inclusive and run by fully qualified Early Years Teachers with qualifications to support those babies and children with additional needs and disability. 

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As Early Years Professionals with SEND Qualifications, we are committed to supporting those parents of children who have additional needs 

All of our classes are fully inclusive, yet we do have some classes running specifically for those with additional needs. 

No EHCP Plan is needed, no diagnosis is needed, but we can support parents in their knowledge and understanding of behaviour, routines and offer support and guidance for individuals. 

We provide a signposting service to other useful contacts within the community, guest speakers and we aim to guide parents on an otherwise difficult journey. 

Parents say our service is ‘invaluable.’ 

A place where they ‘fit in,’ where their children can ‘be themselves,’ and where they can ‘truly relax and enjoy the session.’

We are proud to have set up a group for those with additional needs or those beginning a journey on that path – UNIQUE

This group Beautiful New Beginnings Unique can be found both on Facebook and Instagram 

Carolyn, Christine and Kathryn 

 All fully qualified teachers with SEND qualification. 

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About us

Beautiful New Beginnings is Liverpool’s Independent Antenatal Course provider. We aim to empower parents with the most up to date information, connect families and build community. We want parents to feel confident, prepared and excited as they enter this brand new adventure.

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