Beautiful New Beginnings – All about us…

Beautiful New Beginnings – All about us…

‘So, what do you do?’ ‘What do you do?’ Anyone else ever get this question and not really know how to answer? Do our career choices, our jobs define us? A crazy thought but on a daily basis I both ask and get asked this question.

So what do I do?

Following the birth of my third baby I gave up my full time teaching job to run my own business, a business which still has teaching at the heart and a business that has families and children at its very centre.

Whilst I was pregnant with my gorgeous Gracie Fai, following a 5 year age gap between her and my middle child Jessica, I was looking for antenatal courses which would provide some updates and practical information regarding birth (I was going to have another cesarean) safe sleeping, feeding and all of the other things that are so vital when you become a parent but are so quickly forgotten when you move onto the next stage of parenthood. I was scared and overwhelmed at the thought of going back to this phase of my life and I was looking for a bit of a refresher course to give me all the up to date information. It turns out what I was looking for didn’t exist and following the birth of my very own – Beautiful New Beginning Gracie, a business was born too.

Antenatal courses delivered by a range of professionals including midwives, health visitor, personal trainer qualified in antenatal and postnatal fitness, Baby and children’s first aid and hypnobirthing and relaxation experts all make up our unique courses. The feedback from clients, who have now become friends, over the past year has been incredible. As the year went on, the business evolved and other courses and classes were born too.

Starting School Courses designed to support parents and children with the reception EYFS Curriculum. The Walker Art Gallery quickly took this idea on board and during the summer, practical parent and children sessions covering early reading, writing and maths skills ran.

Supporting parents and children has always been one of my biggest passions and so it seemed only natural that a Homework Club which helped parents support their children with school work, teaching parents the relevant methods needed to be able to support their children at home would run too. As the year progressed and our antenatal courses gained popularity, more and more parents would ask what other courses I ran.

It was in October that I decided to become a qualified Baby Massage instructor and this new skill is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Watching parents bond and interact with their babies is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. So when people ask, ‘What do you do?’ Its sometimes tricky to put my finger on it! It depends on the time, the day, and where I am!

Ultimately though, I am a mum of three beautiful children. I am a wife to my fabulous, hard working forces husband. I am a teacher, a SENDCo, a lover of people, a champion of families, a business owner, an educator, a friend, a listener, an encourager, an optimist, a lover of life, a believer in new beginnings and an adventurer.

I am a risk taker and sometimes, just a girl who’s taken a massive leap into the unknown.

Join us on our journey, you would be so very welcome

Cal x

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