There are many benefits of delayed cord clamping and here’s a quick article written by our beautiful midwife Rachel Curran highlighting just some of the benefits.

When your baby is born your baby remains attached to the placenta via their umbilical cord.

This will continue to pulsate and transfer iron rich blood containing oxygen and stem cells until your baby has transitioned to life outside of the womb.

Delayed cord clamping allows the blood from the placenta to be transferred to your baby after they have been born.

Benefits ( evidence based research)

Increased iron levels in your baby even up until they’re 6 months old.

Improved total body iron stores at 1 year of age.

This helps with physical growth and emotional development.

Increased stem cells they help your baby to grow and help their immune system.

Depending upon who your main midwifery care provider is ask what their guidelines are regarding delayed cord clamping. Have this discussion.

Research suggests that at present Delivery services and units guidelines may vary.

However the standard practice would be to await cessation of pulse within the umbilical cord prior to clamping which can take on average greater than one minute no more than 5 minutes ( World Health Organisation- WHO, Royal College of Midwives, Blood to Baby, NICE guidance)

“ Delayed umbilical cord clamping (not earlier than 1 minute after birth) is recommended for improved infant health and nutrition outcomes. Cord clamping performed approximately 1-3 minutes after birth”.(WHO 2012-present).

Royal College of Midwives recommend…

“ Do not clamp cord earlier than 1 minute from birth of baby. As transfusion is known to continue during the first 3-5 minutes of life, it is suggested that this process is allowed to complete without being interrupted “.

As I am sure you are aware not all situations will allow for this therefore depending upon the clinical picture at that time decisions will be made for delay cord clamping but this will be fully explained to you. support delayed cord clamping


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