What will I need for Baby Massage?

Apart from the obvious answer, your baby, there’s only a few other things you’ll need for a really great, relaxing session of baby massage!

That’s great news hey considering most things that have the pre-fix ‘baby,’ require many pieces of equipment and cost a small fortune!

For a really great session of baby massage, you will need

  • Baby changing mat
  • Oils to hand – for best oils to use please see blog post on oils for massage
  • Blanket – to cover baby in case they get chilly
  • A warm room – your baby will be in their nappy and to be chilly would be uncomfortable
  • Some soothing music – I ask Alexa to play baby classical lullabies
  • Candles – on a table out of reach to set a lovely scene
  • A couple of toys for your baby just in case
  • A drink for you
  • Bottle to hand if near to feeding time and you’re massaging for sleep and bottle feeding.
  • Dummy

For a session of massage however, you can literally just have you, your baby and some oil. We can make massage sessions as elaborate as you like, as cosy and relaxing as you’ve time and headspace for, or literally do a little massage session at every nappy change.

Massage ultimately is a great way to bond with your baby and to instill the benefits of positive touch. It can support babies brain development and promote positive, strong and secure attachments. The scene you set for your baby may differ on a daily basis as to whether its something you’ve planned into the day, or whether it’s something you’ve just dipped in and out of. There is no right and no wrong way to take part in a massage session. Whatever works for you and your baby is great.

Massage sessions can last anything from an hour to a quick 5 minutes, how you set the scene for an hour will look very different to a quick 5 minute session. The most important thing is that the session works for you and your baby, that you enjoy it and that you take some time each day to spend quality time just you and them. The washing, dishes, sterilising and cleaning can wait…


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Take care


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