A babies digestive system

The digestive system, or rather problems with digestion, is one of the key reasons parents choose to join a baby massage class.

Here’s some facts about your babies digestive system which you may find interesting

Digestion as many of us already know starts in the mouth. A babies tongue is larger, with extra fat pads that help with sucking. A babies larynx (voice box) is higher and the epiglottis lies over the soft palate to provide extra airway protection.

The saliva glands of a newborn baby are not fully developed until around three months old.

The babies oesophagus is 11cm long.

In terms of stomach volume and feeding here are some interesting facts.

On day one of birth, a babies stomach can hold less than 1oz.

On day 5-6 it holds around 1.6 oz

On day 10 it holds 10 oz

The volume of capacity of a babies stomach increases rapidly during the first year.

A babies bowels are existent 1 hour after birth and when newborn, a babies small intestine is around 250-300cm long

The colon is sterile at birth.

Bacteria is essential for the formation of Vitamin K and within hours of birth in the colon, ecoli, clostridium and streptocoveaus are established.

It is essential that a baby passes its first movement – meconium, within 24 hours of birth and the hospital will monitor this.

A babies digestive system is delicate and often immature post birth. Massage can help sooth digestive discomforts by stretching out the abdomen, by helping the movement of fluid round the digestive system, by helping to ease tension and by gently supporting bowel movements.

Baby massage can support the development of a healthy digestive system and can be practiced from birth.

Please join our group – Online Baby Classes for further information and support.


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