Baby Massage and the Circulatory System

A babies circulatory system can be effectively supported through regular baby massage sessions. Here’s some interesting facts about your little ones circulatory system that will help your understanding.

Babies have around 1.5 pints of blood in their bodies – adults have around 7-8 pints of blood.

Our circulatory system supplies oxygen, nutrients and carries carbon dioxide and waste products out.

Pre birth, the placenta supplies all major nutrients and oxygen to the baby. It is your babies life support machine. If the placenta has been the babies life support machine for the last nine months, it is important to practice delayed cord clamping. Often at birth, a third of our babies blood can actually be outside of our babies body and actually housed in the placenta. For this reason, delayed cord clamping is something that is very beneficial for your little one. Delayed cord clamping is simply allowing the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before being clamped. In doing this, we allow time for the transfer of blood, O2 and nutrients to cross the placenta into baby and increases blood volume.

At birth a large amount of blood is sent to the babies lungs to pick up Oxygen. Babies are often born with blue hands and feet and this can be a sign of an immature circulatory system. It is not normal for a babies lips or tongue to appear blue and help must be sought immediately if this is the case.

Baby massage supports the circulatory system and using our hands, we massage each area of our babies body to support the circulation to that area. Massage provides an almost full body work out to our babies and we help to increase blood pressure and move the blood around the body more effectively. We encourage blood coming to the surface of babies body and this helps deliver nutrients and oxygen round babies body.

If you are interested in learning more about baby massage and the techniques and tools used to massage your little one, please join our group, Online Baby Classes.

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